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The Dice Shop Online started in May 2007 as SquashGoblin Ltd selling Paintball kit. Then in winter we wanted to keep sales going and having been a role-player of 20+ years we started selling a 'few dice'. This rapidly expanded, as the saying goes 'you can never have enough dice'.

We ditched the paintballing and went whole hog into dice and accessories, we now aim to stock everything possible that gamers want and need as well as those extra special bits.

We work with only the very best suppliers across the globe and we also sort a few specials, from limited productions to rare and antique dice.

 This year see our show page to hear about lot's of great shows and our sponsorship of the Excellent Game 09 .

Our promise is to always do what we say we will, to listen to you and to get the best and sexiest range possible. All we ask in return is you keep checking out our  board games manufacturer new release warterloo for your flags and books and card scenery  New figure company doing post War of the Worlds 28mm steam punk,well worth a look. a great resource for all dwarf figures ever made,well worth a look.  new indie company doing a great alternate late 20th century wargame rule system . a great blog website and now submits items for warboots uktv  shaun is a top fella and the scenics are gorgeous  a new company doing next gen scenic material. one of our great video suppliers