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Warboots are the hobbies table top sales events that had started at Manchester Area Wargames Society last year.The old bring and buys though popular have meant that they have got more and more complicated to run and with the risk of thefts and all the paperwork involved warboots were devised.I find that this is the fairest way to sell and buy items and no paperwork and complicated number crunching involved and both seller and buyer are happier.So if you are thinking of wanting a warboot event near you or want to know more.please feel free to contact me.

News 02/11/09

Warboot 3 at the MAWS club in Walkden,Manchester is nearly all booked up with only a couple of tables still left for hire.The demo game that will be being played will be using the beta warhammer WW2 ruleset.So that will be worth a look at as i have heard that they are a smart set of rules.Warboot Tv news that we would like to welcome rubish in rubish out as a new supplier of terrain making programs for the channel from sunny melbourne in Australia.These videos are great for the novice and pro.Beasts of War have some great new shows on the channel with reviews of Mantics plastic 28mm Elves and Wargames Factorys 28mm plastic Zombies.Meeples and Miniatures have returned from Holiday with Neil Shuck doing his great Incoming shows dealing with Historical and sci-fi.Warboots tv is Always hunting for videos for the channel so if your club wants to do a promo video i will have it played on the channel.So If you have a promo for your club e-mail me at the address in the top title and ill endevor to get it played on the channel asap and please remember it wont cost your club a penny to promote with Warboots UK Tv.


News 20/10/09

Well Game 09 at the Palace Hotel on the 17th and 18th of Oct went very well and i will be editing the footage of the wargames room and interviews with Andrew Hubback of Miniature Wargames Magazine,Klaus of Dark Art Miniatures,Mike Dodd,Tritex Games,Shaun of Dreamholme scenics and patriot games and a few more plus footage of the games that were being played.

Also some Hot News Amazon Miniatures are up for sale.If you are interested please contact paul ashton at amazon miniatures at info@amazonminiatures.com

News Extra 14/10/09

Warboot 3 will be held on Nov 22nd at Emlyn Hall,Emlyn Street,Walkden,Manchester,M28 3JZ.Tables are £3.00 each and entance on the day will be £1.00 each.Doors open from 10.30am-2.00pm and there will be a demo game of 28mm WW2 game for you to view and also the Warboot Cafe team will be there to keep yo fed and watered on the day.Please book via e-mail to paulreid28@hotmail.com asap as tables will be limited and these events are getting very popular.


News 14/10/09

More-con gaming day at Morecambe on oct 31st is drawring close and if you want to attend please e-mail paulreid28@hotmail.com to book your place.

News 07/10/09

Issue 2 of irregular Magazine is available to download from http://www.facebook.com/l/c5788;www.irregularmagazine.com/aut09

News 01/10/09

ACW naval ,Samurai and ECW rules now available to download.

News 29/09/09

Warboots uk tv has had the news that Arcane Legions will have its uk premier at Game 09 Manchester Oct 17th and 18th at the palace Hotel and i will interview the promotions guy of Arcane legions as well as interviewing some of the companies attending.Other news is that i will be uploading some more rule sets for you to download and play including ACW riverine (acw naval) and samurai rule set.Also on the 2nd of Oct you will be able to get issue 2 of Irregular magazine from the sheffield Irregulars painting group who do some amazing figure painting.

News 15/09/09

Warboots uk tv will now be officially broadcasting hobby news from mini war gaming  

and from the trusted meeples and miniatures vlog at www.meeplesandminiatures.co.uk

as well as reports and videos from kelleyman.If you would like to be a reporter for warboots uk tv or submit an item for broadcast please e-mail paulreid28@hotmail.com.


warboots uk has the great honour of having a new game system beta for you to download and try from a new indie company called Apocalypse:Earth please visit the website www.apocalypse-earth.co.uk to join their forum and download the templates and weapons lists and counters.


News 02/09/09

Warboots tv is now LIVE and running on the bottom of the page and if you want to advertise on it please e-mail paulreid28@hotmail.com .There will soon be a on demand player available where you can view adverts etc.


News 29/08/09

Just uploaded a video of my walkthrough of Britcon 2009.Video can be found bottom of this page.

News 22/08/09

the table top sale at game 09 is now availeable for bookings at www.gamecon.co.uk in the boardgame section under gameboot.So if you want to book up for gameboot at the palace hotel manchester 17th/18th oct.

News 24/07/09

I will be looking to do a games day to be held at the christ church hall,Morecambe end of October where wargamers can get together and play each other at the system of their choice ,all they have to do is bring their armies.This will i hope bring gamers of the NW together to play in a non tournament enviroment and be able to chat to fellow gamers.There will be a cafe running in the venue to keep you fed and watered.Why Morecambe?well there is ample parking and space for games to be played as well as a kitchen plus two clubs who would love to meet other players.

News 26/07/09

American Civil War Rules are available to download.

News 19/07/09

Warboot by the Sea went well and i hope you all had a good time and enjoyed yourselves as well as sold some items or picked up some bargains.The raffle for Help for Heros Charity raised £100 so a big thank you for all those who bought tickets and for all the companies who generously donated items.If you have any surgestions to improve warboot please feel free to e-mail me paulreid28@hotmail.com

News 12/07/09

Carry on up the Khyber wrgames rules now available to download in the download section.

News 10/07/09


Mr Neil Buchanan of TV fame and brilliant band Marseille with Warboot by the Sea flyer.


News 05/07/09

To celebrate july 4th i have uploaded some American War of Indipendence rules are available to download on the download page.

News 02/07/09

Warboot uk is now an Official place where you can download the new Irregular magazine jam packed with painting tips for all your mini needs.This is a great mag and you can download it free in the download section on this site.Well done guys on a great mag and warboots uk will bring this mag free to you.

News 28/06/09

The mexican Revolution rules have been uploaded today for you to download.

News 09/06/09

Just put on for the viking raiding rules which are a good laugh.the rules are by jeff peach and les booth of Manchester Area Wargames Society and are free to download from this site.So any feed back on the rules will be welcome.just e-mail me with any comments on the rules at paulreid28@hotmail.com

News 07/06/09

I am looking at running a warboot in leicestershire so please keep a eye on this website for more news on this and if you are a club in leicestershire and would be interested in tables for it please contact me.





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warboots uk supports help for heros please donate via clicking the help for heros link on the links page. 


Warboots UK Tv would like to welcome Slitherine Stratagies as a advertiser on the channel.

View the video of Slitherine’s new release Great Battles Medieval available from Slitherine’s web site www.slitherine.com 


A punters eye view of Britcon 2009 held 13th-16th august,Barnes Wallace Building ,Mancheter Uni,Manchester.A big thank you to the BHGS for a great show. 


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